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02 Apr. 2018 13

The script refers to four completely different people who are hired by a woman who is revealed at the end of the story. Their communication takes place in an office of an old building, in the presence of two men, named Tom and Jerry, through a cell phone with an open listening.

The purpose of the woman is with the help of the four men, to economically destroy a group of businesses belonging to a Greek-American businessman. In particular, to rob his bank, bankrupt a company, and uncover the illegal activities of other companies, which are related to the Greek state. To achieve this, she will place the heroes in specific positions: One of the heroes will replace the entrepreneur's chauffeur, which the heroes will kidnap, two will work in his bank and one will enter his company as a financial partner. The four heroes will initially wonder why they have been chosen, they will be persuaded to work for the woman and through a set of comic-tactical situations, which will prove to be very important, they will discover things they hide within them and they will overcome phobias that each of them has.

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Intresting story...Not sure if it is for a short film though..

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