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Time Machine


12 Apr. 2018 13

The story of Anna an elderly and lonely woman. Her old room. The frames on the wall of her dead husband. The close connection with her unique companion, a cat. The pickup constantly playing the same song. The books on her bed. The sadness on her face. Her desire to relive the past with her beloved husband.  And finally, the "magical wardrobe".  A magical wardrobe which make noises while she sleeps. One night Anna will find out the secrets of the wardrobe and the dreams of meeting her dead husband again will come true.

Her wardrobe is a time machine. Anna will get back in time when she was young, but only for 10 minutes. She will see her husband on the bed. She will touch , kiss and make love to him.

Finally, husband will tell her: "You are so beautiful my love" and Anna will respond: "Goodbye my love" with a tear dropping from her eye.

A journey in time searching for lost happiness and the tenderness of love.

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Thank you Vivi_Anndre! :)


Great story structure! It contains the passage of the heroe from order to chaos and the completion of the heroes journey, back to the normal situation.


Thank you Killerman! :)


I really like it!! Good luck in the contest!!

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