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How does it work?

There are two ways in using Script-Up:

As a Scripter you can write and upload your script summarized.

As a Reader you can read, review and rate a summarized script.

Why should I choose Script-Up?

Script-Up combines the use of the Internet to promote its’ users scripts (summarized) in order to get produced/published, along with the feedback from the audience.

Why summary?

In Script-Up we consider that a detailed summary is a trailer in written form and it is sufficient enough to get an initial opinion by the Readers. Plus it is an unofficial way to hide certain twists in your plot.

Is my script protected?

As long as your script is copyrighted, even in its simplest form, you don’t need to worry. Let us remind you that WE DO NOT USE your scripts for personal benefit and WE DO NOT NEGOTIATE with any Producer/Publisher on your behalf.

Why should I be a Reader? There is no reason to participate in Script-Up.

On the contrary. In Script-Up we acknowledge our Readers’ contribution by rewarding them depending on their achievements!

How should I write the summary of my script?

In order to intrigue the Readers and the Producers/Publishers, your summary should be solid, explanatory and concise. However, keep in mind not to entail specific key parts that could possibly reveal twists in your plot.

In which language should I write the summary of my script?

Your goal is to intrigue Readers and Producers/Publishers from around the world, so we advise you to write your summary in English, regardless of the original language of your script.