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A Fork in the Road


02 Jun. 2018 35

She had fled the abyss encompassing her life, hiding the sorrow and pain in the off-season cabin hidden on the outskirts of the near-deserted village. Her mission was to cleanse her soul and become whole again. Facing the end of her marriage and the deaths of her family was only part of the daunting task ahead. But what she found on the edge of the mountain lake upended her plans and changed the course of her life forever.

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Good Luck!!


It could be interesting with few details


Very enigmatic-puzzling , good luck


It gives no details, but I think it could be interesting.


Good use of giving enough information to warrant wanting more. Creative and solid approach to synopsis writing.


It did n't make me feel anything... Too general. Good luck


I think it's a original script in my opinion because i never saw a similar before but, from the title and the content of the decription..I realized it trys to hide some info's (for the good reason obviously) because it doesn't refer any name of her character, either place or time that the story will take place and that makes it, a very interesting mystical story!!!...I would like to see it as a movie!!!


Dear @judymarrs if your script is for the contest please choose only movie->short film from your Control Panel. Best regards the Script-Up team!

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