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    The story of the movie is taking place in the deep future (2100 A.D.), where technology and science have improved at an extreme point. Nevertheless, humanity is still unable to solve the eternal problems of poverty and war. On the contrary, they are more acute than ever.

More specifically, in this time, the European Union has been dissolved five years ago, while the rest countries of the planet have been divided into two rival alliances. There is the East Axis with heading countries Russia and China and on the other hand, the Western Axis, leaded by USA, United Kingdom and other superpower countries.

A big effervescence is taking place on the planet. The balances are very thin because danger for a new world war rises. This is because of the fact that the biggest financial crisis ever hits the world and secondly because some of the countries of the former European Union still haven�t officially joined one of the two alliances. This amphibious position of them has made the Mediterranean area a big war zone.

The hero of the story (Christopher) is an American physicist around 40, with a stucked career but also a very problematic life. The turtle on the turret was when he caught his wife in bed with a rival colleague physicist from the university he teaches (Alex).

While Christopher lives the worst period of his life, a paranoial idea invades into his mind: to experiment with time. His idea is based on the assumption that if we know the consequences of some actions, by going back in time we can cancel them the same way a rubber erases the mistakes in a written text. This theoretically will lead to the extinction of every humankind problem.

Although in the beginning of Christophers research no one takes him for serious, after some years of persistent efforts, one of his experiments succeeds. The possibility of intervention in time is now possible and the way for the construction of a time machine is open. Christopher expects that after this new discovery his career and his personal life will rise once again and also he believes that he gave the humanity the ultimate key to transform the world to an utopia.

Of course, reality landed Christopher abruptly. He had naively forgotten that in this world nothing takes place without someone aiming for profits and power. As soon as the government realizes what exactly Christopher had succeeded in, it sees in the time machine the perfect opportunity to utterly defuse the East Axis and gain the complete control of the planet. Thereat, they start to offer Christopher any kind of help he could possibly need, while demanding the construction of the machine to be done the sooner possible.

On the contrary, the governmental representatives of the East Axis countries could not stay apathetic by this development, so they start a new course of threats, spying, conspiracy and sabotage from their part.

Alex who is currently engaged with Christophers ex-wife, by watching the rising fame and power the latter has recently gained, he feels the foundations of the life he has built to tremble. Christopher was once a casual, insignificant person, just an obstacle to go away in order to be with the woman he so much desired. But now, he constituted a serious threat for him. So he decides that he has to do something about it. He ends up becoming a really useful agent for the eastern, who were willing to give him anything possible to cooperate.

Christopher on the other hand has also to deal with other kinds of problems. First of all, the experiments for intervention in time have diverted the people of the Earth. Some are super and some over and thus very a lot of protests are taking place all over the world.

Secondly, there are construction problems. For the function of the time machine colossal amounts of energy are required, amounts that would drain all the energy resources of the planet immediately. The solution to this problem is given by Glenn, a friend of Christopher who teaches geology in Paris. He claims that he knows the existence of an alient mineral, which is possibly located to a cave in mount Kilimanjaro, that would multiply million times the combustion efficiency.

While presenting his experiment in the scientific community, Christopher will meet Amanda, a beautiful bio nanotechnologist. Their cooperation is necessary because Christopher until then was desperately searching for a specialist to solve another big issue: how would the human brain remain unaffected while travelling across time, without any kind of damage? In fact he had kept this problem as a secret all this time in order not to discourage the government and withdraw the funding. So, Amanda believes that she has the ability to create a Nano device that could restore the brain to its normal.

Christopher is starting the construction, while Glenn, Amanda and a group of researchers travel to Africa in search of the mysterious mineral. This trip is going to put their lives in great danger because of enemy agents, but will also turn the events in another, surprising direction. More specifically, they will discover another time machine which will lead them to the assumption that someone has already travelled in time. But who?

Christopher is very anxious by this turn of the events, but he gets even more when he accidentally meets his ex-wife Lisa and tells him that Alex is missing for weeks. While combining the facts in his mind, he finds out that the designs of the time machine have been stolen. So that way he starts to suspect the role Alex has played for the Eastern Axis.

Having completely lost his temper, he decides to take the risk and travel alone in time � without telling anyone � and fix the situation if he still can. He puts to his machine the same coordinates the other machine they found in Africa had. And so he does the first (or second ?) time trip in the human history.

By arriving in that location in Africa thousand years before, he finds Alex but not in a normal condition. He had failed in his mission to gain more amounts of the mineral ( there were more back then) because he didn�t know about that �brain degeneration�. He doesn�t seem to care about his previous life and Christopher isn�t sure even if he remembers it. He is acting like he is the god of everything and this is also because the indigenous people of the area truly believe that he is actually.

Anyway, Christopher had decided to destroy Alex s time machine and when returning to his time destroy his own as well and put an and to this crisis. For this reason he explodes Alex s time machine with a bomb. Alex got seriously angry after that and he attacked him. They struggle for a while and at some point Alex faints by a lucky hit of Christopher. The latter takes him inside the machine and he gets prepared for the returning trip.

Then, Alex regains consciousness and they start fighting again. They accidentally damage the control panel and the time machine becomes uncontrollable.

What will happen when the time machine will send them so far in the past, further they could possibly imagine? Are they going to find something or are they complete goners?�

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seems intresting hope to see it on screen some day


Πρωτότυπο ευφάνταστο σενάριο με πολλές κινηματογραφικές δυνατότητες. Ελπίζω να το δω στην οθόνη.


Η περιγραφή της ταινίας μ'αρέσει θα 'θελα να γυριστεί!


Αρκετά καλό μπορώ να πω. Θιγει παρα πολλα ζητηματα ,θετει προβληματισμους και η υποθεση μοιαζει αρκετα δουλεμενη στο μυαλο του σεναριογραφου. Καλη δουλεια

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