L O A D I N G . . .

How about a deal?


15 May. 2018 47

Would you trust a stranger to make your most twisted wish come true?

Aelia walks inside a ship at the dark of the night, dragging an oversized suitcase behind her. As the ship slowly leaves the island port, she takes her place inside an empty coffee place. She looks exhausted, and lost in her thoughts, as she crumples mindlessly the one-way ticket to Piraeus she's holding between her long fragile fingers.

After a few minutes, the ship suddenly stops moving, as the lights go out. When they turn back on, just a few seconds later, Aelia looks around perplexed, wondering what happened. She stands up and starts walking outside of the room, to find someone from the crew to explain what's going on. As she starts moving away, she hears a man's voice calling to her. Startled, she jumps, and turns to face an old man with white hair smiling at her warmly.

The man invites her to relax and sit back down, claiming that this always happens during the first ride of the day. Aelia, as if hypnotized by the man's smile and deep voice, listens to him and takes back her seat.

Shortly afterwards, the strange duo engages into conversation. Aelia, much to her dismay, quickly realises that the old man knows a lot more about her than she initially thought. Surprised, and scared, she tries to escape him, but the man has an old trick up his sleeve: he makes her the deal she had been wishing for all along.

Will Aelia take the bait? The clock ticks, as Aelia counts her heartbeats.

The lights go out again, and when they turn back on, Aelia's reality has shifted forever.

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minimal interest


Nice plot and interesting project


Hmmm......devil or demon or god?


i would like to see more of this and maybe not as a short movie but as a full length movie


It's a really intersting story with a nice plot!!!..I like this scenario.


I want to watch more about this deal! Good luck!


Really interesting! I would like to see what happens next.


Thanks for the clarification @administrator! @Killerman thank you for your kind comments! :)


Dear @littlehopeflags if your script is for the contest please choose only movie->short film from your Control Paanel. Best regards the Script-Up team!


Hey this really awesome!!! Good luck in the short film contest @littlehopeflags !!!

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