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A high school boy suffers from a hearing disorder called hyperacusis, he struggles everyday with loud noises that be painful, bringing him ear pain and annoyance. His mother is very loud person that she doesn't understand her son's condition. After a big  fight the boy run away to a mountain looking for peace.  After a night the boy found a man which was def.  They stayed together  in his cabin for a few days and they had fun.  The middle aged man was dying from cancer and he passed away a day after. The boy returned to his home and his mother was worried sick and she hug him.  He told her where he was and the man who helped him, she showed him a picture of that man, and she said that was your father. 

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Unique story, good luck


Very nice!


Simply great! (the dramatic ending's not even necessary!) Good luck!


Nice plot with the hearing disorder.


The hearing disorder I can picture it nicely. I am sure the story has many parts that are very interesting and cannot be written in just one paragraph. The son and lost dad story are touching yet seen before.


Interesting drama


A very good story


Nice plot!


Nice work


Simple and interesting!


Interesting , Good luck


It was really a nice story with a good ending. However, I think that you should hide the way that the story ends, because the readers don't have something more to expect to see. For example, you could edit your summary without revealing the relationship between the man and the boy. Good luck!


Really amazing!!! An advice to you: Hide the ending!! Now that is early!! You will intrigue the Readers more!! Good luck!!

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