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We are in the 90s, Easter, when Roula Koromila, the famous Greek TV showwoman, has cultivated the reputation of Syros with huge shows in front of the Syros Town Hall.

Antonis and Franco consists a homosexual couple, both born in Syros living their love under secretive conditions. Antonis is candidate for mayor of Syros and needs to keep this secret seized. In his interview to Roula Koromila, Antonis met Roula's indiscriminate questions about his erotic life with a lot of subtlety. Moreover, Antonis and Roula are old friends. Franco, the companion of Antonis, is a visual artist, with an accademic psychosis and an unsatisfied dream, to create an iconic museum path based on the historical life road followed by Dominicos Theotokopoulos, born in Crete, known as El Greco. Following his passion, Franco steals the image of the Assumption of the Virgin from the church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary of Syros, a masterpiece of the young  age of Dominicos Theotokopoulos and he has hidden the image in the Town Hall of Syros, designed by the architect Ernst Ziller.

In Syros, however, there is also a couple of mixed marriage, Catholic and Orthodox religion, Angelos and Antigoni. Angelos, an Orthodox Christian, who is descended from a large refugee family in Chios, is an architect specialized in the teaching of Ernst Ziller's architecture, making his living as a sightseeing  tourist guide on Syros. Angelos also admires a marble sculptor from Tinos, named Georgios Vitalis, who has created the iconostasis of the church of Saint Nikolas of Syros. In honor of his idols of the Syros architecture, Ziller and Vitalis, Angelos has designed the bottle of a perfume, in which Antigoni, his wife, enclosed essential oils derivered from herbs found in secret paths of Syros Churches, one herb for each Catholic and Orthodox church, a perfume which she named Perfume Syros. Antigoni, a Catholic Cristian, is a teacher and teaches at the First High Scool of Syros, historicly,  the First Free High School of Greece. Antigoni comes from the family of the first Director of The First High School of Syros, Neofitos Vamvas, born in Chios, who pioneered the creation of the University of Athens. Antigoni is a political scientist and image maker of Antonis. She has a dream to name the First Gymnasium of Syros, Eleftherios Venizelos High School, Venizelos who was born in Crete and has graduated by this school, changing the political history of Greece.

A Catholic priest who celebrates in the Catholic Church of San Giorgio of Syros, father Marco, discovers the theft of El Greco's Assumption. He thinks to point out the theft in the spiritual world of Syros when he persuades Father Elias, an Orthodox priest, not to signal the traditional bell of the church of Saint Demetrios of Syros when arrives the ship in which is on board Roula Koromila. It is Good Friday, Roula has a Great Saturday show and Syros is the only part of the world with special permission from the Pope that Easter is celebrated along with the Orthodox and the Catholic Easter.  At the same time, Angelos, the architect, at a lecture at the Syros Town Hall on the topic of Ziller's refusal to participate in the economic misconduct in Zappeion and his expulsion from the University of Athens in 1883, perceives the El Greco masterpiece of the Assumption of the Virgin in the City Hall warehouse and understand the message of the bell's silence. With great surprise, El Greco's work empodies as a frame the bottle of the fragrance he designed with Antigoni, the Perfume Syros.

Antigoni, surprised by the bell message, comprehends the absence of El Greco's work from the church and alerts Antonis, the candidate Mayor. They deside not to expose Franco and help the image not to leave the island without creating a huge TV scandal. But Antigoni and Antonis know nothing about the frame of Perfume Syros in the El Greco's work, or they do?

Who has stolen the bottle of Perfume Syros? How Crete, Chios, Tinos and Syros and their refugees are involved in this conspiracy? What secrets hide the design and the involved church paths of the Perfume? In a small society of people who can trust whom, the husband the wife, the homosexual companion his love,  Orthodoxes the Catholics, Politics the Art?

A story about Syros, El Greco, Ernst Ziller, Georgios Vitalis, Neofitos Vamvas, Eleftherios Venizelos and also Roula Koromila and all the heroes who live under a rich cultural heritage in a journey that determines their lives. Because a fragrance is a Piece of Art.....



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Υπέροχο κείμενο, η μελέτη είναι περιεκτική και σε κατατοπίζει για την ιστορική κληρονομιά της Σύρου.


i was astonished by so many history of art!! Syros is so precious??? I can wait to see it on the screen....


I just love to see the Syros heritage described in this script at the movies! Maybe you will be the Greek Dan Brown! Yeah we have in Greece more stars than Code Da Vinci, we proudly got all the World History! Congratulations, just do it!!!!


what a beautiful and creative story! well done


Just Amazing! Long and full of particular stories! An incredible advertisement for greek beauty and history!!!


very long summary


good luck!!


Good luck


Very creative


Very nice story!


Nice story but you need to cut some parts it's too big


Nice plot, good luck


A story about Syros, a wonderful destination for the summer. Well done it was fantastic!!!


nice story


I am not sure if it is for a short film. Interesting idea, not so original but I think I could watch it having a pizza! Good luck!


Excellent! Brilliant! Keep up writing!


You give too much info that confuses the readers. Please make your description shorter. It will be better for all! Interesting approach. I do n't know if you are allowed to use the original names but it is an interesting plot.


thanks for the story


Good luck!


Alternative and amazing! So much historical personalities in an artistic journey! The apotheosis of greek cultural heritage! Congratulations!


History of Art in Syros! Exciting! I like all this art informations! Good Luck!


I like how it goes but make your summary shorter. People will not read it!!!

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