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Run Catherine(Demo script)


19 Nov. 2017 126

The story is about 45 year old Catherine. She is a successful writer, she lives alone and she has no kids. She is selfish and she believes and no one is important in her life.  Her latest novel is called ‘’Love Storm’’ and it is a worldwide success. In her novel the main character is a young nurse who tries to get revenge from a rich family responsible for her death of her parents.

One night, after winning an award for her book sales, Catherine decides to hang out with her two female friends. Before that, they decide to visit a fortune teller who is known to Catherine’s friends. The fortune teller warns Catherine that her life is going to change dramatically, but Catherine doesn’t pay any attention. After their hangout, she comes back drunk and goes straight to bed.

The following day she wakes up from and sweet breeze in her face. Surprised, she sees a butler cleaning a big living room that definitely it’s not hers. Next to her is also a man who is sleeping. She tries to find out what it’s going on.

 Eventually she will realize that the people she meets, are not just normal people and that they are the characters of her books. Moreover she has taken the place her main character ‘Gina’’. Her problem becomes more intense because she has to face the oddity of her own characters, strange and critical circumstances that she already knows but overcomes them with difficulty considering the fact that ‘’Gina’’ is nurse.

In this journey she will have the assistance of ‘’Gina’s’’ best friend Annie. Will she make it to the end unharmed, knowing that ‘’Gina’’ dies in her book??? And what end would that be???


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Sounds good story!


Sounds good


It sounds a true story! I'd rather more surprises!


Well, it's very intersting and creative story, i would like to see it become a short film!!..The only small issue that matters me, is about the establising and the developing of the characters!!!...I think as a short duration movie it has to overcome the 25 minutes to tell the whole story very well, but i like the script a lot!!!


I love this idea.




I like it!


Ωραίο είναι!!!!


Μοιάζει να είναι αληθινή ιστορία.Θα ήθελα να διαβάσω και την συνέχεια της....


Πρωτότυπο σαν ιδέα και φαίνεται πραγματικά αστεία ιστορία. Εξάπτει τη φαντασία και προκαλεί μεγάλο ενδιαφέρον για το ποιο θα είναι τελικά το τέλος.


Καλημέρα κι από εμένα..Ας κάνω σεφτέ λοιπόν. Το σενάριο φαίνεται έξυπνο σαν ιδέα..Εντάξει παρθενογένεση δεν υπάρχει και έχει μεγάλη σημασία το τι γίνεται μέσα.. Θυμίζει λίγο Ruby Sparks αλλά οκ.. ΥΓ Καλά έκανες και το έγραψες και στα Αγγλικά γιατί αν περιμένεις μόνο από Ελλάδα άστο....

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Hello everybody!!! Iam from Athens, I like travelling and writing scripts. This is my first script for a mini series of 10 episodes. I hope you will support it!!!