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Stolen Future


05 May. 2018 64

Stolen Future


Chris is an intelligent automobile engineer, who believes in short cut methods to earn billons of money. Also engaged with Mercy. He invents a Future Machine. The machine’s purpose is to going to the future of any person before entering in to any contract or relationship. However as it did not get the approval of government he went in to severe loss. Frustrated Chris goes to his ex -co-worker Jaike’s future and after coming back to present immediately started introducing Jaike’s inventions with his own name. Likewise he started collecting all the other intelligent people data  and started stealing their future inventions. Also the billionaire Chris insults mercy, disappointed mercy leaves him for not getting respect for her true love. Jaike came to know that his future got stolen by Chris and he spoils the future machine. Chris came back to past financial position. At the same time Jaike  met  Mercy coincidentally and they  became partners in professional life and personal life as well.

The collapsed Chris murmured as “Jaike! As I had stolen your future have you  stolen my present..ha-ha!”




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Good luck!!!


Good Luck!


Interesting plot


The superb concept...Novelty projected without much violence.


Nice plot. I could watch it to relax.


Not quite sure I understand the plot or purpose....


it starts well but somewhere in the middle something does not feel right


Interesting scenario. Everybody want sth like that! HA


A very interesting concept. Combining science fiction, intrigue and romance is a good idea.


Thank u one and all for your great support


very interesting and creative


Nice concept! It reminds me something of good old movies and it seems really interesting.


A very interesting project.

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