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War of Independence.


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The short movie would present a strong visual perspective of the War of Independence of Greece from the Ottoman Empire.
This is a subject that has never been covered in the International film scene.
The history includes many amazing examples of heroism, sacrifice and ... brutality.
Also many opportunities for impactful visual cinematography.
The unifying concept will be a crow that flies over the scenes.
Two  sequences are outlines below.
The first is the Dance at Zalogi where, upon hearing of the loss of their men in battle,
in seeking to avoid the impending slaughter and rape by the Ottoman forces, they commit
suicide in a very tragic and Greek way : by dancing at the edge of the cliff and throwing themselves off
together with their children.
Another scene has to do with the use of fire-ships to attack the Ottoman navy and
the legentary figure of Bouboulina who led men into battle.

The script will include other elements regarding the war of independence not known to people outside of Greece.
For example, the battle of Kalamata, the last stand of Papaflessas.
The role of Maniates, Kolokotronis, Papaflessas, Nikitaras, Diakos, the "Greek hunts" of Omer vrioni, the hanging of Gregory the V patriarch, Massacre of Chios, Ypsilantis, Kanaris, and so many others.
Will also include the political feuds and the meddling of foreign powers.
The final message will be that freedom can be achieved but at a great price.

Sequence 1
Scene 0.
Writing appears:
December 1803 – Souli Ottoman Empire. Map of Greece with Souli marked out … with flames.
Scene 1. Crow.
We follow a crow as it flies. The crow flies over a battleground. We hear the crash of metal and screams of death. The crow looks down and the scene is revealed shifting to ground view.
Scene2. Battle Scene.
Organized Ottoman forces fighting hand to hand with rebels. Battle is fierce and going back and forth. Ottoman cavalry appear. Horses dressed in red. Red Ottoman uniforms. Red blood stained swords. The battle is won. Bodies lie all over the field. Red uniformed Ottoman soldiers walk around jabbing rebel’s bodies making sure they’re all dead.
Scene 3. Back to the flying crow.
It flies over a nearby town. The town sits near a vast gorge. The crow circles in and we can hear music playing and some people dancing. We get closed and now we hear the sounds of crying of women and children. The crow looks down and….
Scene 4. Village view at gorge.
From the crows eye we shift to a village woman’s eye. A tear rolls down. They are dancing but crying at the same time. They clutch children and babies to their breasts tightly. Children are crying as well. As the singing continues we realize it is a dirge – a moiroloi – the woman begin flinging their children and babies off the cliff and jumping after them.
The last woman is fairly old and, holding hands with a blind youngster, jumps of the cliff singing as she falls to her death.
Scene 5. Crow.
High view again of bodies at the bottom of the ravine. The crow looks up and flies away.

Sequence 2
Scene I.
A boat in the middle of the night. We can hear the oars moving softly though the waters. Five people in the boat towing a second boat. At the stern a woman. Flowing jet black hair. Her eyes are revealed: fire and determination! Off the eyes a large ship is reflected. A shadow in the dark with just a few lights to silhouette its outline.
Scene II. Ship.
We view the ship from above. It is a battleship with many cannons. Impressive in size and stature. View shifts to the deck. Sailors are asleep and empty bottles liter the deck. One lone sailor is walking around clearly intoxicated. He looks outwards towards the boat but doesn’t notice it.|
Scene III. Boat and Ship.
The boat reaches the ship and softly touches it. They use tar to attach explosives just above the see line at many points along the boat. They circle around and as the float by the explosives they light each one. When the last one is lit they paddle away softly but with some urgency. The woman looks back towards the ship.
Scene IV. Fuse.
View shifts to the fuse bringing down. A pause of a few seconds and then ….
Scene V. Boat.
From a birds eye view above the boat we see the explosions. The ship is aflame in seconds and listing already. The boat is now paddling furiously making no attempt to be silent.
Scene VI. Beach.
They reach the beach and pull the boat off and hide it under the vegetation. The woman looks on towards the sinking ship. The flames of the ship reflect off her eyes. The fire in her gaze becomes one with the flames envoloping the ship.

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i think it would be a great documentary


Dear @Alekos60. Pitch your script in a summarized form, otherwise Readers will not be interested in reading it. Check out how other Scripters pitch their scripts.

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