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Marina lives with her mother since her father had left them when Marina was 11 years old. She accepts her boyfriend's proposal and they start a family of their own. After many unsuccessful shots, Marina and Chris finally manage to bring to life a healthy boy named Thodoris. Time passes beautifully for the family until the moment that Marina and Thodoris are involved in a car accident. Marina falls into a coma, while Chris takes a very difficult but generous decision and donates their son’s organs.

Marina wakes up after 15 months and starts asking for her son. Chris, who stood by her side all that time, informs her that Thodoris is not alive without telling her the fact of the organ donation. The mental and psychological health of Marina is shaken but she tries to be strong for her mother who is heavily ill. Her mother can’t stand feeling guilty anymore, so she reveals to her the secret of Thodoris’s organ donation. Marina gets so frustrated and upset that she breaks out unprecedentedly against her mother and her husband who have concealed something so important.

Marina, knowing the truth, tries, by all means, to find where the heart of her son beats. The information leads her to Syros. Having cut off everything that connected her with her old identity, she arrives in the island to face her greatest desire and her biggest fear. Her confused mind makes her maternal instinct override any legislation the moment that the parent-child relationship is reaching a deadlock.

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Good story


I'd like to see all of these legislation overriding and cutting off with the past identity parts, and it is very well made! But the organ-donner thing's not very exciting!!


Nice work I wish you good luck


Interesting story


Good luck


Nice plot1! I wish you Good Luck!




Although it sounds ordinary it isn't at all! Good Luck and we expect the developed whole plot.


I have watched a movie similar to the donating parts. I don't really get the part of being upset with the organ donation, either, and things overall feel like they are out of touch with reality.. I would like to see some more realism, it would spice things up nicely and add to suspense, too. Best of luck!


Nice but predictable..


Depressing, I could see the end coming.


Interesting but I have watched something similar ...


I am very curious to learn how Marina will correspond in moral, and not just such, dilemmas! I hope to know the progress as soon as possible!!!!!!!!!!!


Shouldn't reality become more logical to make imagination explore anxiety? The script isn't based in real medical procedures. So sad about this!


I find the title perfect! You think that it will be about romance reading it but when you read the description you see that you have to do with something deeper. Good luck!




Even if I am not a mother I can't wait watching this scenario on the screen. I really want to see the obstacles that this woman meet and how she deals with them. I think it can touch every person with feelings! Good luck!


I am keen on watching the kind of deadlock that this relationship reaches and if or how it will be overcome or not.


I would be interested to see this script if there was more reality with the medical procedures! An author should know more details about reality! For example donation from parents especially when one of them is in coma. When you are in coma you are not counted as "dead".




Wow! I wait to see at the cinema!


A very interesting story that touches you strongly.


A quite interesting topic.


Interesting but predictable.. i have seen this story before..


Seems a bit like many other books, short stories, and plays.


So long as it is not overly "heavy" or sad, this is an interesting story.


Really interesting and thrilling story! I 'd love to watch it as a movie


It's like the end of this movie Seven Pounds with Will Smith but in a different way, but it's ok !! Continue to develop it ;)


It's like the end of this movie but in a different way, but it's ok !! Continue to develop it ;)


For some point while i was reading the description of this script!!..I did like the title of scenario, but when i read the first sentence i thought it will be something very usual and boring like a lot of movies has done!!!..But when it came down that her husband and his mother donate the organs of her son and the trip she will make to find the kid's heart..Honestly i was a little bit thoughful to see what wiil happen at the end of this story..But unfortunately i wasn't intersted to the watch the rest of the story...Soo as for me i don't like this scenario being a short duration movie at all.


It will be very interesting following the mother on her quest. The colourfull and narrow streets of Syros, especially by night, are perfect for such scenarios. Good luck!


It is a good base to expand upon and write and interesting and captivating story.


We have been raised by the society to mitigate our exposure to "bad" endings or our emotions. It's good to see that this scenario does not follow this trend. Thus it is apparent from the synopsis that the writer is not afraid to meld with hard and ethical topics concerning organ donations. Sooo, definitely as interesting and touching story, i hope the writer delivers. Looking forward to :)


!!! Impatient for continuity!!! It combines mystery and love! Prommising summary! Suberb story for book, cinema and tv, too!!


A very interesting story with a very promising development. We are totally waiting to see what is next for Marina!! Very good writing skills, you actually put yourself into the story!


I loved it! It really touched my heart! I can't wait for the full plot! Very good writing skills, by the way! :-)


Well written and with plot twists which take the reading into unexpectedly deep emotional waters.


Very interesting and promising plot!


Great title. I am looking forward to seeing the full plot.


Can't wait to watch it on the big screen!!!


A very special plot that you do not know how it will end. I really want to see this mother's instinct as well as the outburst to those who knew the truth.


In my opinion is a very interesting topic. That has a mystery and i am looking forward to see what is going to happen to Marina at Syros.


Dear @vtekakias Scripters are not allowed to rate for competitions reasons!!! :-)


Do you know why I can not rate but only ommenting?


Very interesting and very promissing!!!


Really nice


Seems to be a subversive scenario! It could be a true story presented in a book.


I loved this! Whether you want to believe the story is true or not, it was definitely entertaining! Wish wathing soon!


In my opinion it is a very touching topic that you don't know how it will end. I want to watch it!


Dear @littlehopeflags if your script is for the contest please choose only movie->short film from your Control Paanel. Best regards the Script-Up team!

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